Co-Financed by the connecting Europe Facility of the European Union

Almost 75,000 freight railway wagons will be upgraded as part of eight EU projects

TOUAX is part of "ENTREPId" (European Train Noise Reduction Partnership), a consortium of 6 wagon keepers whose project has been selected for EU funding. Project coordination is provided by Touax Rail Limited. ENTREPId’s project aims to reduce rail freight noise by upgrading the braking systems of wagons in existing freight fleet. The project will apply to approximately 8300 S-type wagons (of the 6 partners) over a period up to December 2023.

Jérôme Le Gavrian, Managing Director stated: “I am delighted that Touax has been selected and can thus contribute to the enhancement of the fleet and its environment.” Quieter and more efficient brakes result in better energetic performance of trains, but also better conditions to those living close by railway tracks. Indeed the retrofit will result in a reduction of the wagons noise emission by 8-12 dB.

However, this progress also comes with increased operating costs. Indeed retrofitted wagons and breaks need to be inspected at shorter intervals, wheelsets wear more quickly and need to be reprofiled more frequently, hence operating costs of wagons equipped with LL brake blocks are considerably more expensive than the old cast-iron brake blocks.